The Ultimate Guide

to Assessing Your Printer

Did you know that printing is typically the third highest business operating expense, behind rent and payroll?

Yet, despite printing being such a significant ongoing expense, many businesses are still purchasing printers and multifunction printers (MFPs) simply based on sticker price, without considering what impact these devices can have on their operating expenses over their lifetime.

While purchasing a cheaper device may look good on your capital expenditure report, the truth is you might be saddling your company with high running costs, time-wasting user interventions and a large amount of office waste that’s harmful to the environment.

That one decision could end up costing your company a whole lot more than you
bargained for.

Fortunately, you can avoid burdening your company with years of unnecessary
expenditure and wasted time by asking one crucial question before you purchase any new device: what is the total cost of ownership?

We highly recommend that you don’t make any purchasing decisions about printers or MFPs until you’ve read the Kyocera guide from cover to cover!

The Ultimate Guide