Business Solutions

Austral Business Machines document management and workflow solutions take the manual labour, printing costs and procedural errors out of the workplace. Our tailored solutions will ensure your workplace processes are efficient and information is secure and digitally cataloged.

Accounts Payable

Automate the way invoices are received and processed and save time, reduce errors and repetitive tasks.

Human Resource Onboarding

Securely store employee information in a controlled and private solution that allows you to easily access and track Human Resource activities.

Contract Management

Record and Store contracts that can be securely accessed from any computer or mobile device. Receive electronic notifications when contracts are due to expire or up for renewal. Our solution will ensure you save time and decrease costs all whilst being an efficient and accessible repository.

Software Solutions

Using one or a tailored combination of applications will ensure that your office is efficient and productive;

  • These applications automate processes and take out the chance of human error and labour intensive data entry.
  • The applications generate a smooth workflow based on tailored commands to keep business moving forward and tasks complete.
  • They maintain corporate branding & keep documents current, unified and easily accessible online whilst maintaining security.

Document Management

Businesses receive a considerable amount of incoming and internal documentation. Making sure these files are accessible, secure, easy to manage and stored in the one place is what a document management application does. It makes sure the right people are getting the right documents at the right time on their preferred device to get their job done.

Document Capture

No more repetitive data entry with a Document Capture application. It allows you to scan the physical document, capture all the information you require and imports it digitally into your software. It can then send the document to the right person/division and can cross check information with your system. A Document Capture application can save a large amount of labour, inaccuracies and can help streamline work processes.

Cost Control

Improve security and cost of staff productivity, office equipment and its consumables with a Cost Control application.

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