Medical Imaging Solution

Paper Vs. Film

Medical Imaging

A complete solution allowing medical imaging equipment to print to Xerox Printers.

  • Reduced Costs: Images printed on paper cost a fraction of the price of film based output. Using this solution, film costs are expected to be reduced by approximately 40-50%.
  • Simplified Distribution: The need for special handling, storage and distribution of film x-rays is removed.
  • Easy Duplication and Storage: Paper output is easy to duplicate, distribute to end users (physicians & patients) and archive for future reference.
  • Environmental Benefits: Reduction in the need for chemical based film processing and equipment will have a positive impact on the environment. Additionally paper disposal costs are significantly lower than film based output as they do not require special disposal.

Whilst film based output will continue to be used in certain instances, the paper based solution will significantly improve the work practices of the Medical Industry.

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