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A solution to modernising Human Resources is DocuWare which is a complete digital platform for storing, retrieving and editing HR records. Set a new course with fully modern HR management processes: digital files aren’t only helpful for managers and their HR team, every employee in the company will benefit from built-in services and faster processes.

7 Benefits for Your HR Management:

Docuware Human Resource Onboarding

1. Fast Data Access- Docuware can fully automate HR documents and index specific terms or keywords making finding documents quick, easy and secure. Store uniformly yet still retain your file structure.

2. Secure and Protect Data- Store HR documents legally compliant and secure without the paper storage. Customisable permission structure ensures that only authorized persons have access to sensitive information. In addition, retention periods can be set up so that, for example, application documents are deleted at the appropriate time.

3. Self Service Plus Flexible File Viewing- Colleagues can access their own files securely and Executives can view protected documents in digital archives through the web or app.

4. Seamless HR Processes- Analyze your HR processes: Where do you repeatedly experience delays, where do you suspect security gaps, where are simple errors made? With DocuWare, you can easily design digital workflows to coordinate job application processes, approve vacation requests, or distribute payroll.

5. Integration in HR Management Software- Docuware integrates with any HR management software meaning you can retrieve and store directly with your software. Find all documents related to an employee number with only one click.

6. Web Forms Vs Paper- DocuWare helps you convert your paper forms into ultra-efficient web forms. This means your employees don’t need to constantly re-enter their basic personnel data and your department isn’t wasting time on deciphering illegible handwriting.

7. User Friendly- No more paper and filing cabinets, just an easy to use program with the ability to customise the system to suit your own work style without needing extensive IT skills.

Facing a constant tug-of-war for the best candidates, managing talent and building a team: how can today‘s Human Resources Managers successfully lead companies into the future? Digital document management is the ideal platform for driving new strategic HR processes and offer enriched support for employees.

It’s Time for Strategic HR Management

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