HP – Whats All The Hype About?

The release of the new HP Page-Wide Business Printers has the industry excited. Hewlett Packard (HP) are bringing functions, designs and security strategies to the table and the competitors in the industry are going to have a hard time keeping up. HP have dominated large format and desktop printers and have adapted them to create their Business Printer range. Read on and see what they have invented.

Page Wide

Printing documents with designs edge to edge is an amazing and sort after feature. HP’s page wide design has a print head that spans the entire width of a page and produces professional print colour quality. Brochures, booklets and flyers can be printed with beautiful colour and design right to the edge. No more fiddling with page margins only to find there is still a white border surrounding your document, because you cannot make a machine do something it is physically incapable of doing.

Hackers Loves Office Printers


Nobody ever suspects the office printer. 56% of enterprise companies leave printers out of their security strategy. Hackers are increasingly targeting printing devices as a new access point to the entire network. Connecting to the network with devices like your mobile phone, computer and laptop to print documents increases the vulnerability for hacking. Here is where HP bring in the world’s most secure printing with their 3 step – Protect, Detect and Discover security features.

Check out the 5 reasons hackers love office printers here and an awesome mini movie starring Christian Slater!

Total Cost Of Ownership (TCO)

 Mostly due to the high yield cartridges HP have one of the lowest TCO in their class. Who doesn’t want to pay less for their printing and replace cartridges less often? As mentioned in a previous blog ‘Why I Laugh When You Go To A Cash And Carry Retailer’ you need to look at the big picture of TCO and not the initial cost to be a winner in the long run.

Job Concurrency

Ever gone to the printer to do a quick scan of a document and realised that you have to wait for an epic print job to finish. No more waiting with the HP Page-Wide Business printers allowing you to perform multi tasks of scan, copy, or fax* while someone else is printing, and keep work moving.

Continued Printer Features:

• Fast print speeds—up to 75 pages per minute (ppm) (Enterprise 500 series)
• Fast single pass, two-sided scanning (MFP devices)—up to 74 ipm
• Durable documents that are water-, smear-, fade-, and highlighter resistant
• Fewer replaceable parts than most lasers

HP Business Printers job concurrency

On the whole print faster, using less energy, more productively, efficiently and with less cost.

You may now understand why we love HP business Printers and are excited they are now released. Printing has been reinvented, it’s called HP Page Wide Technology and it is something to get excited about!

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