Why I Laugh When You Go To A Cash And Carry Retailer

When I get told from a business that they are going to get their printer or multi-function from a Cash and Carry Retailer I secretly laugh. Don’t get me wrong Cash & Carry Retailers are selling printers that are cheap, really cheap. But…..

Cash and Carry Retailer

When looking at printers you cannot base your decision on the purchase price only, as this represents only a small proportion of the cost over its lifetime. It’s all about the Total Cost Of Ownership (TCO) and of course the features you need.

The below comic gives you a glimpse of why it’s laughable at buying a printer from your local retailer for cheap and not looking into the TCO.

Comic Adventure 1

Ink and toner is amongst the most expensive liquid in the world, coloured ink is $5046 per litre, more expensive then Dom Perignon at $310 per litre, Chanel Perfume at $3314 per litre and Petrol $1.40 to the litre.

So the next time you are considering purchasing a printer from your local retailer take 5 minutes to work out the TCO or we can do it for you and you can go down the road and buy yourself a carton of Dom, it will certainly be cheaper.

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